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Dennis Hinton

Executive Vice President

With MBA course work in management from Northwestern University, Dennis Hinton your Chief Money Manager is a well sought after lecturer sharing his wealth of knowledge as a money manager. He has 27 years of experience in the investment banking industry. His illustrious career began at Merrill Lynch where he spent over five years. While there he completed the Executive Financial Planning Training Program in Princeton, New Jersey, as the number one financial consultant. After spending several years heading up Jackson Securities he joined Resource Securities, which later transitioned to Resource Asset Management.

Dennis Hinton has surrounded himself with a very capable staff of investment bankers and financial planners. He also has a professional network of CPAs and attorneys. Finally,he

has circumnavigated up and down financial markets successfully for his clients

over the years.You have probably seen him on TV, the NBC affiliate, 11Alive-

sharing analytical financial information for the last 10 years. He hasalso

published numerous articles in such magazines as Money, Black Enterprise,

and Atlanta Business Tribune.